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Holistic Deep Tissue Massage For Pain Relief and Wellbeing

The simplest things work best. You've tried pain killers. You've done the round of "miracle" cures and specialists,  What you need is someone with skillful, sensitive hands to release knots, ease tension, align your joints and re-balance your body...

You need Integra Massage

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Nick Hudis MA,Dip Tuina, Dip CH, CPNLP - Creator of Integra Massage

With a lifetime's experience of practicing and teaching massage and bodywork, I offer you the same high professional standards and effectiveness as a good physio, osteopath or acupuncturist but with that special feel good factor you only get from a really good massage.

Specializing in the holistic prevention and treatment of chronic pain I have worked with Olympic athletes, professional dancers and actors (including Ballet Rambert and Royal Shakespeare), and people of all ages and backgrounds who want to live a full, active and pain free life.

You can read about I became a massage therapist here..

Book an appointment or call (07891579364) or email me to explore how I can help you.

The Best Massage You Can Get


Over 25 years in the profession, 1000s of treatments given and 100s of satisfied clients.


Unique approach combining myofascial and trigger point release, acupressure, tuina, shiatsu and more...

More than a massage

Holistic focus - treating the whole person - lifestyle, exercise. diet, emotions etc.

Personal Touch

Clients who have been with me for decades appreciating a personalized service that goes the extra mile.

Here is what I can help you with...

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    Back pain
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  • www.integramassage.co.uk |
    Neck and Shoulder problems
  • www.integramassage.co.uk |
    Joint pain and arthritis
  • www.integramassage.co.uk |
    Abdominal, pelvic and genital pain
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    Sports massage, dance massage
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    Massage for general wellbeing
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    Massage for stress
  • www.integramassage.co.uk |
    Emotional de-armouring

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What My Clients Have to Say

After working my way through a string of physios and therapists  I was starting to think I was stuck with a condition that no one had been able to clearly identify never mind cure. Nick’s approach was completely different. After only 3 sessions I experienced reduced symptoms and after 6 the problem ceased altogether. Since then I have been pain free and am back running with no problem at all. 

Helen, 38, housewife and mum

Nick’s subtle massage work has virtually eliminated my repeated bouts of swollen glands, tiredness and sluggish digestion, increased my energy levels and given me a more positive outlook. The wonderful results he can get within an hour are extraordinary – I have recommended him to many friends and colleagues with chronic complaints unresponsive to conventional medicine; they are equally impressed by his genuine warmth, caring manner and skilled work.

Alison, 50, acupuncturist

I cannot speak too highly of Nick’s expertise. After breaking and dislocating two fingers with considerable tendon damage, my little finger had healed at an angle, which stopped me playing the piano. The NHS said surgery was the only answer. After two sessions with Nick my little finger had straightened and I can once again play the piano with ease.

Josie, 78 piano teacher

After Nick sorted my recurrent back pain, I come to him every month for a once over to keep me flexible and healthy.  I really look forward to these sessions.  I'm in a very stressful job and not only does the massage help my body, it is deeply relaxing too.  I've discovered that Nick is also an experienced life coach and he has great advice on almost any aspect of life.

Alan, 52, marketing manager

Make Your Appointment Today

Your Integra Massage treatments with Nick will be at the Body Sanctuary a tranquil dedicated healing centre in Menston in the heart of West Yorkshire with easy road and rail links to Bradford, Leeds and beyond.

There are also appointments available in York on Thursday afternoons.

Sessions are usually one hour and cost £60. A course of treatment is typically 4-10 sessions.  Many clients also come for a monthly "tune up" after their initial issues have been resolved.

You can book directly through this website or if you have questions, phone or email me using these links...

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