The simplest and probably the best ever cold remedy

We call them spring onions.  The Americans call them scallions. The Chinese call them Cong Bai or green onions and have extolled their health virtues for thousands of years.  The next time you feel  you are going down with a cold, or even if you’ve just been with someone who has been coughing and sneezing over you, eat them…. eat lots of them…. as many as you can…. raw for preference, but you can also cook with them.  I recently tried adding them to juice made with carrots, apples and cabbage and it was quite nice.

No promises, but you may be surprised how effective they are.

Of course you may not get so many Christmas hugs….

If all else fails and you can’t get any spring onions, try making tea with the holly wreath.  Holly is quite a good cold remedy too.

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