Advice given today to a client in the tired and wired stage of adrenal exhaustion

Walk where trees grow
Where grass and flowers make carpets
Or where waves break on sand and stone
And white birds float on the caressing wind
Walk slow
Let each footfall kiss the earth
And let this love making be your only direction
Go nowhere for there is no where to go
Do nothing for there is no thing to do
Hold nothing in your body
For the earth will hold everything and more
Let go of breathing
Let air breath you
Eyes receive the ocean of light and shade
Seeing without looking
Ears receive the ocean of sound
Hearing without listening
Skin receives the ocean of sensation
Touch without stimulation
Let them come and go
They are not you
Just clouds in the pristine blue expanse
Of who you truly are

The simplest and probably the best ever cold remedy

We call them spring onions.  The Americans call them scallions. The Chinese call them Cong Bai or green onions and have extolled their health virtues for thousands of years.  The next time you feel  you are going down with a cold, or even if you’ve just been with someone who has been coughing and sneezing over you, eat them…. eat lots of them…. as many as you can…. raw for preference, but you can also cook with them.  I recently tried adding them to juice made with carrots, apples and cabbage and it was quite nice.

No promises, but you may be surprised how effective they are.

Of course you may not get so many Christmas hugs….

If all else fails and you can’t get any spring onions, try making tea with the holly wreath.  Holly is quite a good cold remedy too.

More cold and ‘flu remedies here:



Deep Tissue Bodywork doesn’t have to be agony!

A few years ago I entrusted a trapped nerve in my neck to an experienced physiotherapist at the clinic I worked in at the time.  What followed was little short of assault as she laid into my upper back and shoulder, driving the point of her elbow back and forth through my already irritated tissues with no sensitivity and unbelievable force. It took a month of rest to recover from that “treatment”. Continue reading Deep Tissue Bodywork doesn’t have to be agony!