Integrated Tissue Release

Deep tissue massage at its best.

Integrated Tissue Release is a comprehensive deep tissue  massage that is truly holistic and restores balance to your body as a whole as well as addressing specific problems. Some of the benefits include:

  • relieves pain and restore healthy tissue tone and function
  • rebalances body structure and corrects postural misalignments
  • releases blockages in the flow of the vital energy or qi
  • releases body armouring – emotional tension, trauma or stress held in the body
  • the feel good factor of a really good full body deep tissue massage

specialised pressure and stretch techniques to restore health tissue tone.....

Each session is unique. Unlike many bodyworkers, I do not simply go through a standard routine. I take a detailed case history, make a careful assessment by observation and touch and then rely on the skill and sensitivity of my hands to detect the contractions and misalignments that are the cause of your problems. I then use specialised pressure and stretch techniques to release tension and blockages and restore health and balance to your body. The session is powerfully therapeutic and flows together into a deeply relaxing whole.

Consider Integrated Tissue Release deep tissue massage in any of these situations:

A treatment for specific muscle, tendon and joint problems involving pain or loss of function


Neck pain and stiffness
Headaches due to neck and shoulder stiffness
Shoulder pain
Frozen shoulder
Elbow pain
Wrist pain
Lower back pain
Knee pain
Ankle pain, heel pain and plantar fasciitis
Tendonitis and arthritis.

 With recent or acute problems, I recommend  a course of four to six weekly sessions.  Improvements are usually seen after about two sessions.

A long-term support for chronic problems of pain or debility

As much as we would like to be completely healthy all the time, there are some problems that are going to be with us for a long time, and problems that we just need to live with, particularly as we get older.

Whether it is old injuries, chronic aches and pains, the unwelcome effects of ageing, or more serious things such as M.E., chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis, Integrated Tissue Release can be a wonderful support. Regular treatment can help you to remain comfortable in your body, maximise the quality of your life and perhaps slow the progress of disease. I have a number of clients with very serious issues who have been coming to me in some cases for decades. For these people, their regular sessions of bodywork are a cornerstone of their well-being.

The most important thing if you have a chronic pain or health issue is to have a regular treatment and be prepared to stick at it for the long haul. The benefits will far outweigh the time and cost. I recommend a minimum of monthly sessions.

A truly holistic approach to overall health and well-being


Sports massage

As an approach to sports massage Integrated Tissue Release is unparalleled. With a sophisticated tool kit of specialised techniques to rehabilitate and re-energise tired, sore or strained muscles, lengthen tight tissue, breakdown adhesions and scar tissue, relieve tendinitis, ease joints and rebalance posture and body alignment, Integrated Tissue Release can provide comprehensive support to any athlete or sports person.

Over the years I have worked frequently with participants in field events, runners, tennis players, footballers and rugby players, golfers, climbers and horse riders. My clients have ranged from elite Olympic athletes through to enthusiastic amateurs.

The most satisfactory results come from regular supportive treatment coupled with specific sessions to deal with pre-or post event issues.

Massage and bodywork for dancers

As a lover of contemporary dance I have a particular enthusiasm for working with dancers. Having worked with performers at all levels from students at dance school through to members of professional companies and internationally recognised soloists and choreographers, I know well the physical and emotional stresses that dance training and performance place on you.

Integrated Tissue Release focuses in particular on supporting a natural and integrated body posture by ensuring that tissue tone and responsiveness is balanced throughout the body as a whole. Such integration is essential for dance work. My dancers also appreciate the holistic dimension of Integrated Tissue Release with its emphasis on body – mind awareness.

Pregnancy massage

The combination of “feel good” factor and clinical effectiveness that is one of the unique characteristics of Integrated Tissue Release makes it particularly suitable as a pregnancy massage.

 Contrary to popular opinion massage is completely safe and beneficial at all stages in pregnancy including the first trimester. Integrated tissue release helps to alleviate the pain is in the country discomfort’s that are inevitable as pregnancy progresses and can effectively help pregnancy related back, hip joint problems. Of course it also gives you a much deserved opportunity to relax and connect with your feelings.

It’s good to have regular treatment throughout your pregnancy, monthly at least and more frequent if that is possible for you. The sessions are highly responsive to your needs. As your pregnancy progresses the treatments evolve. We also tune in in each individual session to exactly how you feel that day and what will be most helpful for you.

Having treated many pregnant women over the years I believe that the clients who have regular treatment throughout their pregnancy often have easier labour.

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