Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is a  form of deep healing touch that brings together principles from ancient Eastern spiritual traditions  together with Reichian body centred therapy. The focus is on “body de-armouring”: releasing stuck, unprocessed emotion and trauma held in your body as contraction, tension, numbness or hypersensitivity.

Body armouring is like a straitjacket of tension or numbness which stops you feeling and literally squeezes the life out of you. It is your body’s response to all the shame, trauma, wounding, negative body image and repressive conditioning that life has thrown at you.

A tantric massage is a safe held space where you can get in touch with your body and your feelings, let go of the layers of contraction, find deep self acceptance and fully embrace your aliveness, your capacity for bliss and your sensuality.

Tantric massage is based on the understanding that body, feelings, mind and soul are a whole and that there is an essential connection between spirituality, sensuality and sexuality. What sets tantric massage apart from other types of bodywork is the respectful, empathetic and open acceptance of our nature as sexual beings and the conscious and sensitive inclusion within the massage of the intimate areas of the body.

In a tantric massage session, deep healing touch and sensual touch are melded together into a flowing whole.  The work may at times be blissful and at other times challenging.  A wide range of feelings from pleasure to the release of grief, fear and anger may be experienced. Tantric massage is a special opportunity to experience intimate touch in a safe, supportive situation, free of guilt or shame, where there are no expectations and no one else’s agenda. Really it is about being intimate with yourself. The session is a time simply to be receptive, surrender to the moment and get in touch with your deepest feelings.

Tantric massage calls for the utmost sensitivity from the giver and deep trust between giver and receiver.  As a lifelong spiritual practitioner who has studied tantric healing practices with leading teachers such as Shakti Malan, Deborah Anapol and the Spiritual Tantra Lounge, I offer this special treatment to you with complete professionalism and integrity.

Booking and pricing arrangements for tantric massage are different to my other therapies. If you are interested in receiving tantric massage please email me in the first instance  including a brief summary of your hopes and expectations and any issues that you want to work with, so we can decide what format of sessions are appropriate.

Your work is very fine.  You feel people deeply – Shakti Malan internationally renowned tantra teacher and author of Sexual Awakening for Women.

As a practitioner of deep healing bodywork I have always been very selective of the people I trust and respect to do this work on me. I have found in Nick someone who is very gifted indeed and practices with total integrity and utter respect for his clients. I value his work so much that I have convinced him to come and also work closely with me, which I’m delighted about. Trusting him on your healing journey back to fullness as a woman might just be the most precious gift you have ever given yourself.  – Dakini Kalyani, tantric healer, intimacy coach and sacred sexuality teacher

My first experience of tantra massage was with Nick. He made me feel very relaxed with his calm and sensitive approach. I felt very comfortable in his presence and was able to open up and allow deep healing. I highly recommend Nick to anyone who is contemplating having a tantric massage – K, 52, Health worker

After working with Nick for almost five years we have recently moved into tantra work. I have found it to be a wonderfully life enhancing experience. Nick creates a totally safe and professional environment within which I am able to relax and focus on the healing process – R, 49, Dancer

I brought so much shame and inhibition to the session, but  I came out floating, feeling as if a whole new part of me had come to life.  The world seemed brighter and I was surprised people were not staring at me because I must appear transfigured – C, 35, Teacher

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